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B.Layer helps mobile apps’ CRM teams to create custom designed in-app messages simply, rapidly, and without coding.

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Move faster than your product team

In-app messages require coding resources that are often tied up in product development. They can also be time demanding as you will need to test, re-adjust and then upload to a CRM tool. This whole process can often take weeks if teams are siloed.

That’s why we created B.Layer -- to empower CRM teams with all the capabilities of in-app messages but with none of their complexity.

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Templates following your brand guidelines using a simple interface

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Custom modals, full screen in-app messages and in-app surveys in seconds, without a single line of code.

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Your in-app message campaigns faster with our interface carefully designed for close integration with the Braze Dashboard.

“Phiture has reduced our campaign production time by over 80% by introducing us to B.Layer. It's incredibly easy to design and build custom modals that match our brand's voice; the tool has also allowed us to test new formats that we've never been able to try before. B.Layer allows us to get out of the weeds and straight into the marketing!”

Nisha Mehta,
Lifecycle Marketing Manager @ Headspace

Compatible Templates

Design modals, fullscreen and survey in-app messages templates following your brand guidelines in a simple interface.

In-app messages are powerful

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